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Memuco Brings His Art
The Silent One w/ Vaquita,
Puerto Peñasco MX
  to Endangered Species

The Mexican artist Memuco raised awareness for worldwide Endangered Species by creating the Silent One to bring attention to this problem as time is running out for a lot of them.
The Silent One is the daughter of "La Catrina," Mexico's lady of death, and "el Nahual," a Mesoamerican mythological creature who can turn himself into any animal form. Memuco's art has Mexican motifs of The Silent One cradling or playing with various endangered animals before they disappear forever.
The vaquita porpoise is an animal that is close to his heart since it is native to his hometown of Puerto Peñasco and there are less than 75 left. "You think of a species, something so beautiful and majestic, and how it will not exist anymore."
Memuco will be visiting Monterey Bay, CA in October 2015 to inspire people to save the vaquita.
Lolita - How Long?

Lolita in her way-to-small tank at Miami Seaquarium.
She shouldn't be in a tank no matter its size.

Lolita has been a captive for an unbelievable 45 years. She was captured on August 8, 1970, in the historic Penn Cove Massacre, an incident when five orcas drowned and several others were injured. Lolita was taken from her family and it is believed her mother is still alive.
She has endured 45 years at Seaquarium without the company of another orca for most of her nearly 16,425 days of performing at the Miami Seaquarium. For years, she has performed in the Miami Seaquarium under the hot Miami sun. There is a rehabilitation plan by marine mammal scientists to let her live in whatever time she has left next to her family in a sea pen. Visit the site that is collecting letters, and
Save The Whales -
Amazing Student Volunteers

Our intrepid Sea Stars 
A big thank you to the "Sea Stars," ocean crusaders who are making a difference in Monterey County, California. They are asking people to use a carwash instead of washing cars on streets. The suds from car washing on driveways or streets can flow into storm drains which leads to rivers, creeks and the ocean. This pollutes the water with bits of copper, zinc and soap which is bad for water quality and wildlife. When you use a commercial car wash, the water is recycled and does not enter storm drains.
Partnering with, these young ladies are distributing educational materials, selling car wash vouchers to a commercial car wash, and asking that people make this change in their routine to protect the oceans. GO SEA STARS!


Please take a minute to write a letter for Lolita!  Thank you. 
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Beaked Whale

It is also known as the Sabre Toothed Beaked Whale because of two spatulate teeth erupting from the middle of the lower jaw of males. They grow extremely large and begin to converge, cutting into the upper jaw and restricting the opening of the mouth. Females lack these teeth.
The majority of infor- mation that is known about the species' biology and life history is a result of strandings, primarily off the west coast of Japan and the Aleutian Islands. Strandings appear to peak in both the winter and spring months and this is thought to be indicative of a north-south migration of the species, although there is also evidence of a resident population in both the Sea of Japan and the Okhotsk Sea. It is thought to be the only species of Mesoplodon common in Alaskan waters.
For more on Stejneger's Beaked Whale, go to the site.

Vaquita Makes
An Appearance
in Times Square

If you visited Times Square from May 15-July 30, 2015, you probably saw a vaquita in Times Square.
Vaquita was seen on an electronic billboard paid for by Save The Whales with assistance from The American Cetacean Society

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