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Founded 1977

Save The Whales' purpose is to educate children
and adults about marine mammals, 
 their environment and their preservation.

Dee, the Beautiful Whale

Dee is a teenager in Texas who became a victim of cyberbullying when someone made a fake Twitter profile
with the username fatwhaledee. She was devastated when she found out, but courageously turned the situation around by creating a tee-shirt with the logo, "Dee the Fat Whale Saves The Whales," and launched a GoFundMe campaign to help protect endangered whales. We were also helped by Eva Ulreich who, at the age of 8, designed and sold bracelets and necklaces. She raised $1,000!

Dee raised over $8,500, which she donated to Save The Whales. With those funds and other contributions, we purchased the humpback whale. Children will actually be able to go inside and see the ribs, heart, lungs, baleen, stomach, esophagus and intestines. The outside is a visual experience of a real-to-life humpback whale.

We plan to use Dee The Beautiful Whale. not only to teach children about the similarities we share as mammals, but also the harm we inflict when litter and marine debris enter the ocean. Whales and other sea animals are ingesting plastic which can even kill whales. 

In addition, the whale will be used as a platform for discussing bullying at school. Humpback whales are the only whale species known to defend not only their own but other species - such as seals, sea lions, dolphins, porpoises, and even a sunfish - from killer whale bullying.

Dee The Beautiful Whale will encourage discussion about how to protect whales and their ocean home. They will provide an experience that children will not forget.

To have Dee come to your school in Monterey County, please send Maris II an email at and tell her to book a program.

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Maris  Sidenstecker I 
President, Save The Whales 
501(c)(3) nonprofit organization  

  Voted Top-Rated NonProfit  
Inside Dee

Dee's Eye
Photo by Monterey Herald -
Amanda Good of Save The Whales explaining its organs

Children pointing to heart

Lungs, Tongue and Baleen
Looking forward toward ribs, heart, lungs, tongue and baleen.

Quote from Teacher 
in Monterey

Dee the Whale was a fantastic interactive and engaging program. By being able to walk through Dee, my students came away with a deeper understanding of whales, their structure and the role humans play in their lives. They enjoyed seeing life from Dee's perspective and, in the process, developed a greater sense of empathy for those beautiful creatures of the ocean. This was a unique and memorable experience for my kids, as they have continued to talk about its impact for days. 

Kim Cornfield
Grade 4 teacher, International School of Monterey

Save The Whales

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