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Our mission is to preserve and protect
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Special Investigation Into Right 
Whale Deaths on Atlantic Coast

The deaths of 13 right whales off Canada and the New England coasts prompted the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to declare the deaths an "unusual mortality event." Ten dead whales were confirmed in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and two off Massachusetts in August. From a population of between 450 and 500, this many deaths is alarming.  Eight were males; two were females. An additional whale stranded in Cape Cod last April to bring the total to 13.
Of concern is that the deaths occurred over such a brief period. When dealing with a population of less than 500, it's two to three percent of the entire population. There were low birth rates during calving seasons off the coast of the southeastern United States.
This brings into question the long-term future of the whales.
The population is "fragile" said David Gouveia, protected species monitoring program branch chief for NOAA fisheries.
Ship strikes and fishing gear entanglement continue to threaten the animals. Canadian researchers are working to complete the necropsies on some of the whales. They hope to have it completed as soon as possible.
Canada and the U.S. have formed a working group to collaborate and look at the science and management needed to try and better protect the whales.
Vaquita Rescue Operations 
 Beginning in October

Photo by Maris Sidenstecker II

The Vaquita CPR (Conservation, Protection and Recovery) is going forward with its attempt to capture some of the 30 remaining vaquitas, now on the verge of extinction. The current capture dates are scheduled for October 12 through November 10. The team has worked out details to capture and care for the vaquitas.
In Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico, temporary sea pens await their arrival. More permanent vaquita sanctuary facilities will be built when the needs of the vaquita are better understood. Additional facilities include pools, a water and air filtration system, freezers for the vaquita food and a veterinary care unit. Backup facilities on land are in place in case the vaquita need to be moved in case of bad weather.
Boats are standing by to aid in the search, and acoustic data is being collected to help the team locate the most likely places to find this unique porpoise. U.S. Navy dolphins will aid in the search by trying to locate the porpoises by echolocation. The water is so murky and vaquita's time at the surface so brief that this additional component is deemed necessary.
Of course, all of this is fraught with difficulty as the possibility of losing another vaquita during the capture process is of great concern.
Of the $6 million required to cover this operation and care for vaquitas for the first year, $5.5 million was raised including $3 million from Mexico's Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) and over $1 million from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA).
The team is still looking for additional funding.  Scientists who have worked to save the vaquita for many years believe this is the last chance to save the species from extinction.

Balloons Harm and Kill Many 
Species Besides Marine Animals

A frantic Canada Goose came up to a patrol car and pecked on the side. She was asking for help with her gosling who was hopelessly tangled in the string from a balloon. Another officer was contacted who spent quite a bit of time disentangling the young goose for its quick-thinking mother.

REMINDER: Always remember to bring your reusable bags when shopping. Refuse straws at restaurants. Say "No Straw, please," when ordering. 
Save The Whales reaches students of all ages with school outreach and community events. Many of the college students stay on to volunteer after graduation and, in one instance, it led to a job.

Thank you for supporting our efforts.

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Leatherback Turtle
Leatherback Turtle 
October 14, 2017
Please join us to celebrate "Leatherback Day" at the Monterey Bay National Sanctuary Exploration Center,
35 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz (across from the Santa Cruz Wharf)
Time: 10:0am - 5:00pm

In honor of California Leatherback Day, NOAA's Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories and NOAA's Southwest Fisheries Science Center will have a celebration of the endangered leatherback turtles. 
Save The Whales will have hands-on sea turtle artifacts to engage and educate the entire family. 

Whale Gifts

Our website contains new products and gifts for the entire family. Check it out: 
Whale Charm

Sterling silver 3-D tail charm measures a little under one inch, with hidden loop and delicate scalloped edging. Charm only (necklace not included). Made in USA.

Original T-shirt

Original Blue Whale Tee: Adult Save The Whales organic cotton T-Shirts. They come in short sleeve or long sleeve. Long sleeve has Save The Whales down one sleeve. This is the T-shirt that started the organization. Made in USA.

Adopt A Whale
Spyhop - Maris Sidenstecker I
Through Save The Whales' symbolic adoption program, you will learn about orcas (killer whales) in the wild and in captivity. Learn how orcas in the Northwest United States and British Columbia have been studied and individually identified. 

Included in the kit are:

- An 8 x 10 glossy color photograph like the one above of an orca in the wild,
- Adopt A Whale certificate personalized to your specifications,
- Orca box to color, cut out, and assemble,
- 8 page color newsletter about orcas,
- Save The Whales window sticker.

A thoughtful gift for a person of any age on any occasion.

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