Leave a Legacy

Proceeds from Gifts & Bequests will help support Save The Whales’ educational programs. Here are ways you can leave a legacy:


Our Planned Giving options provide a stable future for Save The Whales (STW) to continue exceptional educational programs for school children. You invest not only in our worldwide outreach of answering children’s questions about whales, but also in sparking their interest. STW educates thousands of children each year who learn about whales and marine mammals through our hands-on outreach programs Whales On Wheels WOW™. To date, STW has educated over 277,000 school children about marine mammals and the fragile ocean environment. STW was responsible for saving 10,000 marine mammals from underwater ship shock detonations.


When you name STW in your will or living trust, you make an important gift that educates children to protect the oceans and the whales. You can designate that STW receives a certain percentage or a fixed amount of cash from your estate, a piece of real or personal property, or stock portfolio.


The charitable remainder trust is a popular and proven option that allows you to irrevocably place money, stocks, or property into a tax-exempt trust and receive income, generally for life. A trustee (usually a community foundation or bank) pays you either a fixed amount (annuity trust) or a percentage of the trust principal (unitrust). You receive a charitable tax deduction for the present value of assets placed in the trust, and at the end of a specified number of years, STW receives the remainder of the trust.


Many people don’t realize that a great deal of money may have accumulated in an IRA, 401(k), 403(b), retirement, or pension account. This could be one of the most costly assets to pass on to your heirs – with up to 80% being eaten up by taxes. By naming STW as the beneficiary, you can avoid these taxes and support our educational efforts.


When an insurance policy is no longer needed to safeguard a family or business, it can benefit STW. You can designate STW as a beneficiary of your policy, with all or part of the policy proceeds going to STW at time of death. Or you can receive a charitable tax deduction by naming STW as both the owner and beneficiary of a paid-up policy. By donating a policy on which you continue to pay premiums, you can receive a charitable tax deduction for those premiums each year. Additionally, you can assign your annual dividends to STW or you can choose to obtain a new policy for the benefit of STW.

To ensure you receive the maximum income tax deduction for your planned gift, please consult with your own attorney or professional tax advisor. For more information about Save The Whales, please call (831) 899-9957.