School Outreach Programs


These exceptional hands-on educational programs are funded by grants, memberships, proceeds from Adopt A Whale Kits, and memorials. Programs are currently offered in Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties, California.

Call to book a presentation(s) at: (831) 899-9957

*NEW Dee, The Beautiful Humpback Whale Ambassador

Dee, a 43-foot life-size replica of a humpback whale, features internal organs which students can appreciate by entering her body! Learn about whale anatomy, adaptations, stormwaterpollution, and marine debris and how students can make positive changes to protect marine inhabitants. Students learn how whales communicate and feed. Through a collection of whale artifacts, students can touch baleen, and can view krill (whale food). Participants will become “junior scientists” by observing similarities and differences between whales and us. Be amazed by the story of Dee and how she is an anti-bullying ambassador. Your students will be inspired to conserve and protect our oceans where these incredible mammals live. Grades 3-5  Click here to download Dee The Beautiful Whale Flyer

Amazing Lives of Sea Turtles

Explore sea turtle evolution, anatomy, and conservation, and look at one of the most remarkable and specialized marine creatures that travel throughout the world's oceans. They have been on earth over 100 million years and now face the threat of extinction. Learn about their ecology and human impacts that affect their survival like fishing practices, illegal shell trading/egg poaching, oil pollution and marine debris that has accumulated into massive garbage patches. Hands-on activities will include: identifying the 7 unique species of sea turtles using a collection of skulls and turtles; determining feeding techniques and diet; and exploring their life cycle and survival threats. A selected student will wear a Leatherback Sea Turtle costume to demonstrate adaptation (for lower grade levels). Find out how you can help Save The Sea Turtles! Grades 2-Adult

Endangered Species

Learn how species are linked and dependent upon each other within their ecosystems, and the importance of saving biodiversity. Hands-on activities will further explore the value of sanctuaries, parks, and reserves (Marine Protected Areas) as tools for conserving marine life. Touch the life-sized model of a vaquita calf porpoise, the world's most-endangered cetacean, and learn how gillnets endanger their lives. A selected student will wear a habitat costume to demonstrate how plants, fishes, animals, rocks, air, water, sun and people are all connected in the Earth's web of life (for lower grade levels). Grades 2-Adult

Whale of a Rhythm Program (WOARP)

Journey into the rhythmic world of whale and dolphin communication via multi-media, hands-on set of integrated classroom activities. Our instructor(s) will help students use drums and other percussion instruments to imitate cetacean songs and communicate with each other. Together they will discover how difficult communication becomes when mingled with noises made by ships and other man-made sounds. Students will learn grade-appropriate basics of whale and dolphin communication and the importance of conserving cetaceans and their habitats. Grades 2-Adult

The Land & Sea Watershed Model

See how human actions on land flow directly to the sea through storm drains. Students will “pollute” the hands-on model and simulate rain, which leads to creeks, rivers and oceans. Learn how one person can make a difference. Grades 3-Adult

Whales On Wheels (WOW™)

Dive-in with a mini-museum of hands-on marine mammal artifacts and conservation messages. WOW™ brings bones of baleen and toothed whales, clicks of cetaceans, pelts of pinnipeds, skulls of sea mammals, and tales of toothed whales. A very educational program providing a breadth of understanding of marine mammals and the delicate balance that binds us together. Grades 3-Adult

Marine Mammals: Adaptations and Communication

Discover behavioral adaptations and communications of whales and dolphins in their marine environment. A multimedia presentation with hands-on feeding and communication stations: learn about the food web, touch baleen and marine mammal skulls, and view blubber, krill and whale lice. The program includes listening and learning about whale and dolphin sounds. A selected student will wear a whale costume to demonstrate adaptation (for lower grade levels). Grades 1-Adult

Sea Otters: A Story of Survival

Explore the natural history, ecology and survival of the California sea otters. This multimedia presentation, with hands-on stations, covers topics as diverse as feeding and keystone species, adaptations and survival, human impacts and pollution. A selected student will wear a sea otter costume to demonstrate adaptation (for lower grade levels). Learn how you can help protect sea otters from extinction! Grades 1-Adult

For lower grade levels, a selected student will wear a gray whale, sea otter, kelp forest or leatherback sea turtle costume to demonstrate adaptation.

Click here to download WOW™ Classroom Presentations Flyer

WOW™ brings you:
  • Bones of baleen whales
  • Clicks of cetaceans
  • Pelts of pinnipeds
  • Skulls of sea mammals
  • Tales of toothed whales

WOW™ has travelled across the nation visiting school children in Alaska, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Virginia and California. WOW™ is now based in Monterey, California.

Our instructional staff is made up of degreed marine biologists, environmental educators, and researchers. The background experience of the staff includes: Catalina Island Marine Institute instructors and assistant program directors, Los Angeles Unified School District teachers, oceanography research and sampling, published killer whale research, and international environmental studies.

Whether your group is at a school, a museum, or local library, WOW™ will visit you. Knowledgeable instructors emphasize marine conservation and make learning about whales and their relatives easy and fun.

In 1994, we began presenting WOW™ with bilingual educator, Mauricio Quiroga, a native of Latin America, in order to reach the large number of Hispanic school children in Los Angeles schools who speak English as a second language. WOW™ has reached over 50,000 bilingual elementary school students, ages 6-12 (1-6th grade), with a geographic range covering the greater Los Angeles area and surrounding counties.

WOW™ is one of the only hands-on programs presenting marine environmental science programs to bilingual students. WOW™ programs emphasize why humans, as land mammals, should help mammals that live in the sea and learn how their individual actions can make a difference in protecting marine life.

This exceptional educational program is funded by grants, memberships, proceeds from Adopt A Whale kits, and memorials. WOW™ currently serves the Monterey & Santa Cruz, California area. Call to book a lecture (831) 899-9957.


“The touch stations proved to be the ultimate prize! They liked the whale costume and its step-by-step process of adding each individual “body part” (blubber, flukes, baleen, etc) that engaged the whole class and lent itself to yet another fun way to explore these magnificent creatures.” Dianna Higginbotham, Principal of Valencia Elementary School & Karin Kerber-Smith, Science Assembly Chair Home and School Club

"The combination of hands-on, powerpoint, discussion and the diversity were just great and really engaged the children. This is the authentic learning that we teachers are always striving for!" Kay Cline, Marina Del Mar Elementary School

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Details & Fees:
  • $100 for the first class and $85 each additional class.
  • Workshop 1.5 hrs. $145.
  • Each class is 60 min & set-up time is 30-45 min.
  • Presentations must be given in the same room, because of the many artifacts (except for the Watershed Program).
  • 3 lg. tables for Whales On Wheels (WOW™) and 1 lg. table is needed for other programs.
  • Class size is limited to 30 students and can teach up to 5 classes per day.
  • A mileage fee will be added for long-distance travel.
  • All contributions support Save The Whales’ educational programs.

A sliding fee scale is available to financially limited schools.

Contact: Save The Whales
Phone: (831) 899-9957