Kid’s Artwork

The children's work in this section is not to be republished.
It may not be used in commercial ventures of any kind.

I am a Primary school teacher in the west of Germany. I teach a class of incredibly curious fourth graders and we are currently learning about whales. We have read a book about whales together (English and German), did research on different whale species and informerd ourselves about what we can do to save and protect whales.
As a teacher, i love to teach a topic across all subjects. Therefore, I also included the topic about whales in my English lessons and want to design flyers or posters with my students that show actions we all can do to save whales (reduce/refuse plastic etc.). I would love the children to get engaged and make use of their English skills for that. Since English is taught as a foreign language, they sometimes do not feel too comfortable talking or writing in English But if we would be able to send our artwork to you, there would be an actual and meaningful reason for them to write in.

Alisa Lauf - 2021