Bob Perruquet
October 2013

A contribution was made in memory of Bob Perruquet.
Diana VanDrew
September 2013

A donation was made in memory of Diana and her love of whales by her sister Elizabeth.
William Shanahan
February 2013

A donation was made in memory of William Shanahan.
Dorene Fernandes
February 2013

Donations were made in memory of Dorene.
Lynn Hinkle
August 2012

Donna Wall made a donation in memory of her Aunt Lynn Hinkle who recently went to be with the LORD. She loved her whales and is watching from Heaven now! Her ashes will be scattered in the Pacific Ocean where the whales swim.
Jennifer “Whale” Whitmire
September 14, 2011

Jennifer “Whale” Whitmire, age 16, of Pendleton, SC passed away Sept 14, 2011. She excelled in academics and was a member of her high school musical drama team and had been nominated to audition for the SC Governor’s School for performing arts, a prestigious honor. Jennifer was an activist for organizations and many contributions were made to Save The Whales by students, friends and family in her memory.
Danielle Christine Martin
May 9, 2009

Danielle passed away in her home in Escondido, CA, May 9, 2009 at the age of 32. Danielle will be greatly missed by her friends, co-workers and family.

As a young girl, Danielle grew to love whales. Until her untimely death, it was one of her greatest passions in life.

The many contributions in her memory will support education and other outreach programs for children.

Kathleen Valladao Long Silveira
October 28, 1934 to March 24, 2009

In memory of Kathleen, a loving person to all who knew her and a fervent admirer of whales and all things oceanic.

Bruce Long and Lorraine Gibbs
Son and Daughter-in-law

Linda R. Garvey
June 20, 1945 to February 18, 2008

We honor and celebrate Linda, whose life touched so many of us. We toast her passion, love, and fierceness in living. Linda was a lover of life in all its wonder, from the smallest of birds to the largest of mammals. She counted one of her greatest joys a recent trip to Baja California to meet up close a baby gray whale being shown off by its mother. May the emptiness we feel at her passing be at least partially filled with the joy and emotion she showed in living every moment to the fullest.

Contributions made to Save The Whales on her behalf will support education and outreach programs to school children.

LisaJo (Csencsits) Daurizio
October 12, 2007

Mrs. Daurizio died suddenly at the age of 44. She is survived by her husband, Romeo Daurizio, and mother, JoAnne Coplan. Save The Whales has received many contributions in her memory for which we are thankful.

Sharon Holliday
Dumfries, Scotland
March 28, 1987 to October 16, 2007

Shaz was passionate about whales and dolphins. Her love of these animals was highlighted when she went to America and met Shamu. Shaz was born with cystic fibrosis, and her premature death was at the young age of 20. The funds raised from her untimely death will be used for Save The Whales’ educational programs.

Jack Sidenstecker
April 9, 1927 – June 2, 2006

Jack was the father of ’Save The Whales’ co-founder Maris Sidenstecker. He encouraged her to design the Save The Whales t-shirt which led to the start of the organization in 1977.

Thank you for all of the contributions received in his memory.

Steve Bielecki
August 16, 1970 – May 1, 2006

We honor and celebrate Steve whose life touched so many people in so many ways. We toast his passion, love, vitality and strength that he gave all of us during his time of pain and suffering. He always kept a positive outlook and a will to live throughout it all. He is truly loved to this day and will be extremely missed. Many blessings and love to Steve as he makes his journey to the heavens, free of pain and with all of the love and support from his friends and family. Now, you can finally swim in peace with the whales you so loved.

Edward A. Harrington

Ed, of Minneapolis, Minnesota was a long-time supporter and friend to Save the Whales. He will be greatly missed by his family and many friends.

Robert A. Franklin
December 19, 1924 – July 18, 2005

Robert taught about whales in his junior high school science classes.

Sharon Tweed

A memorial fund was established in memory of Sharon by her current and former co-workers at Motorists Mutual Insurance Company, Columbus, Ohio. Sharon was a dear friend known for her love of whales.

Bridgett V. Rykaczewski
July 29, 2004

Bridgett of Wilmington, Delaware courageously passed away at age 25. Save The Whales has received numerous contributions in her memory. Bridgett was a widely loved and admired young woman. She enjoyed many things, but the beach, surfing, traveling, music, and the holidays, especially Christmas, were among her favorites. She also loved frogs, lions and butterflies. Bridgett believed in recycling and Save The Whales.

Contributions in her name will be used for children’s outreach projects.

Sharon R. Lam

A contribution was made in her memory by the QB Soling Company.

Scott Webster

A contribution was made in his name by his friends, the Eppleys.

Jennifer Neri Lorette
January 12, 2003

A contribution was made in loving memory of Jennifer who died tragically. She loved whales and learning about sea life. Her family hopes that this memorial to Whales on Wheels™ will “light a spark” in a youngster.

Ernest LaFlam
November 22, 2002

Mr. LaFlam passed away at the age of 76. An ex-serviceman, he was the last of his family. He left a gift of $400 to Save The Whales.