Student Poems

The children's work in this section is not to be republished.
It may not be used in commercial ventures of any kind.


Victor Tucker, age 8, a third grader in Kansas, emailed us a poem he wrote. According to his mother, he likes to write stories and poetry and read. Victor wants to be a veterinarian.


Whales are chubby.
Whales are fat.
Whales are bigger than a cat.

Whales have two eyes, two ears, and a nose.
Whales have everything but toes.

Whales are big.
Whales are stout.
Whales, they hum, they don’t shout.

Whales have a blowhole on top of their head.
Whales don’t have to make their bed.

People want to kill the whales.
We have to even save their tails.

By Victor Tucker
February 2007


Oh beautiful Ocean!
Your hypnotic waves
Call to Me
I feel them
Touch me gently
As you call them back
They drag me along
I am blind to the world
As the sirens sing their song

Oh sparkling sea!
I long for a life
On your infinite blue
The tails of whales
As the day starts anew
Orange and pink
A miraculous sight
As the sun sets
And becomes the night

Oh mysterious blue!
How I live for your spray
As it brushes my face
And dance with the sunlight
With beauty and grace
On you I sail
To lands afar
Adventure and freedom
Is what you are

By Devon Sklair
Age 13, California

June 2007

I Am The Whale

I am like silver waves crashing
through the water.
When you see me,
you feel safe.
The sapphire-colored world
is my home.
My skin is smoother than
the smoothest sea.
I am a powerful being.
My eyes are bluer than
the deepest blue.
My breed is dying.
I must fight.
So, I will leave you, but
I tell you now,
I Am The Whale

By Rowan McMillan
Age 8, California

June 2007

These poems are from seventh graders at Kingswood Regional Middle School, Wolfeboro, N.H.
June 2007


Whales floating down the sea
Slowly staring back at me
As I watch them soft and come
Singing their funny song
Clear as day everyday
I watch them play
I watch them sway
Into the sunset
Casting off
It warms my heart
Just enough

Rebecca B.

Swimming Away

Clouds roll by as
The deep creatures glide eerily through the waves.
Mist shooting from their spouts, fading into
The cool breeze.
Then gracefully diving back into the depths of the water.
Moving calmly, talking
To the others
Swimming away, peacefully.

Swimming away….

Addie S.


Singing, dancing
Swimming, playing
Jumping, laughing
Majestic, mysterious
Gentle giants

Saige B.

 Whale Waterfalls

In the gorgeous open blue
You can see them in packs more than two.
White connecting to white and then
Falls and turns to bubbles.
Looking like it’s a waterfall losing water,
But next time they breathe out a new waterfall begins.
When the sun goes down you know that day
You’ve learned that an extraordinary
Creature lives in the sparkling blue sea.


Ocean Whales

Spout out of nowhere
Water vast with nothing to see.
Something emerging from the water,
What is it?
More and more emerges,
Whales rising up
And going back down.
Deep, deep, deep they go
To wander the vast watery sea.

Connar N.

Water, Wind and Whales

Mist rolls off the mountain,
Wind comes
The water is still.
A haunting melody
The silence.
Out of the water.
A tail
Then floats back

Jessica S

Ocean Whales

Whales are beautiful mammals that swim deep in the sea
drifting by like enormous clouds.
Whales are free to roam the deep blue water singing
wonderful sounds of emotion.

Mike M.

I am a Humpback Whale

I am a humpback whale
Swimming in the sea
I think that the trawler nets
Are going to catch me

I am a humpback whale
Swiming in the sea
I've noticed that the water's
Not as clean as it should be

I am a humpback whale
Swimming in the sea
I feel that the water's
Getting too warm for me

I am a humpback whale
Swimming in the sea
I worry that the whaling men
Are coming after me

I am a humpback whale
Playing in the sea
I really want to flip my fins
And giggle with glee

By Charlie Sussemilch, age 10
The United Kingdom

August 2007